Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camper Chloe

Chloe spent the last week in her skates at Ice Skate Camp.
She had a fabulous time and learned so much.  She improved so much during this week.  She would have just slept there if we would have allowed her to.  It was a week long all day camp.  They worked on skills and practicing techniques.  As well as learning a routine that they were exited to show off on Friday afternoon.
Chloe was ready to go!  She said her heart was beating really fast because she was so nervous!
She did fantastic.  Said she only forgot one part.  I assured her that we didn't even notice.  That made her smile.
The triplets were so excited to watch Chloe's performance on ice.  They watch her every Saturday morning, however, THIS WAS TO MUSIC.  They were tickled to be in the front row.  They kept calling out her name.  "Go Chloe, Go Chloe!"  They watched without missing a second, so proud of their big sister.

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