Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We hadn't been to the museum in a few weeks.  We usually go several times a month, and the summer has been a bit hectic.  So we decided to check things out after Chloe's ice skating performance Friday night.
Still the crowd favorite...City Grocery.
I wish we had a play room large enough to set up a spread like this complete with carts and cash registers, because the beauties would play there 24/7.  The absolutely love it.
Silvie's favorite thing the the money.  She takes it out of all of the cash registers and disperses it as she sees fit.  Giving each child in the store some.  It's really sweet that she shares, although I will add, she does keep the majority of the cash in her little hands.
In the pizzaria...as you can see...Silvie still has her "fat stack" of bills.  I think she may have smuggled some of them from the grocery store.
A new exhibit that opened since our last visit...the Music Room.
Glad this room is at the museum and not at our house.  Wowsa, it was loud in there.
Another new hot spot was located in the ball room (which is normally my most unfavorable room.  Golf balls flying at my children...no thanks.)  However, they have added a climbing wall.  The triplets found this to be fantastic!
Oops...Farrah just crashed the plane.
Our last stop of the evening was the wall of faces.  
It's sort of strange at first.  It tons of cut out facial parts.  Eyes, eyes, mouths, noses (you get the picture) and they have magnets on the back.  You can move them around and make all sorts of fun faces with them.  Normally the girls love the funny face wall...read: they were tired and it was time to go home for the night.  This is where their normal arguing picked up.  
All in all we have 2+ hours of happy playtime.
We LOVE the museum.

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