Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy First Day Beauties

Summer went by so quickly.
Too quickly really.
We had lots of fun this summer, but today it was back to routine.  Back to books.  Back to schedules.  
New schedules, for everyone.
My Baby Girl is a Second Grader! 
I cannot even believe that it seems just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital, so small.  She is so grown up.  So independent.  Such a little lady now.  She loves her teacher!  Her friends.  She loves going to school.  She loves learning, loves being social.  I love that she loves it.  Where did my baby go?
Her first week duty assignment in class is the mail carrier.  She gets to deliver mail to her classmates mailboxes, and is VERY excited about this.
She was so excited for her little sisters' first day of preschool today.  She took them under her wing and helped prepare them for what to expect.  Instructing them on how to listen to their teacher.  What to do in certain situations.  It was so sweet.  I know in my heart she was thinking of them all day today.
Jocelyn sprung out of bed this morning.  More excitement on her face than I have ever seen.  She couldn't wait to begin the day.  She knew exactly what to do, as if she had done it 100 times, even though it was her first.  She was calm and ready and even smiled brightly for mommy's camera (which she never does willingly.)  Her Favorite part of the day today was craft time.  She was a little sad becasue she said she didn't get to do a "special job" but hopefully she will get one tomorrow.
Farrah was super excited too, although a bit more quiet with her excitement.  She was the first to get into her first day outfit of course, because her shirt had elephants on it.  She was anxious to show off her favorite animal to all her classmates and teacher.  She posed pretty and couldn't wait to get there.  Her "special job" for the day was to use her "big muscles" being the door holder.
Silvie was the most excited to go this morning.  She ran around the house this morning like a crazy girl!  She was ready before everyone.  When we arrived at school, she found the cubbies with all three of their names on them and pointed them out to Farrah and Jocey.  She also was the first to sign in.  Her "special job" was to be the line caboose and she said she was good at it.  She also reassured Jocelyn that she would have a job "next time."  
As I stood and observed for several minutes, watching them interact and become familiar with their surroundings, trying not to break into tears, Silvie walked up to me and said, "Mommy, I thought you were going to leave?"  I smiled.  I hugged her.  I wiped the tear from my eye and I said, "I am sweetie."  I kissed them all again, and I left...I left me babies on their very first day of preschool.
Two hours later, I picked them up, Daddy went too.  They had a wonderful morning.  They greeted us with smiles from ear to ear, and drawings and stories of all that they had spent their morning doing.
A few hours later, we went to pick up Chloe.  Where she greeted us with a smile from ear to ear.  Skipping down the sidewalk.  Happy as a lark.  "I love second grade!"
It's going to be a great year!
 On that note...
Mommy begins her classes on Monday morning...I hope I am smiling and skipping out of class too.

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