Friday, December 16, 2011

How do you explain Heaven to little girls?
I have found myself struggling with this question over and over the last few days.
Matt's Grandmother passed away on Sunday.  May she be at rest, in peace and not be in pain anymore.
Her services were today.  Chloe took it very hard.  She cried a lot, and kind of clung to me most of the day.  The triplets were mostly curious.  Obviously not understanding what was going on, yet wanting so much to understand.  We visited Papa Terry's grave.  Matt's father passed away 21 years ago, but we speak of him often.  Matt enjoys telling the beauties stories about Papa Terry.  The beauties always have lots to ask him about what he was like.  We also talk about Great Papa Paul a lot.  My Grandfather passed on Christmas Eve 8 years ago.  We visit his grave every Christmas Eve.  
The last few days they have had quite the array of questions about death.  Where Heaven is?  What does God look like?  Why do people die?  Will you die?  Will we die?  Where do you go?  How do you get there?  Is it pretty in Heaven?  Can we play there?  Is God nice?  Is Heaven cold? 
I just look at them and smile, and answer the only way I can,  "I don't know, sweetie."
Because that is the truth,  I just don't know.

What I do know... death reminds me to take each day I am given, and live it the best I can.  
Love and cherish the ones close to my heart. 
I take comfort in the innocence of my children, because they are the ones that can teach me what living life really means.  
The small insignificant details that we cannot control, they do not matter.  Not what we look like.  Not how much money we had in the bank.  Not how clean our house was.  
In the end all that matters is that we gave life all we had.  Gave all the love in our heart.  
Lived life, everyday, to the fullest.  Taking time to enjoy the sweet pleasures we are surrounded with.
Not regretting anything we did.
Again...learning the significance of life...through my children.
Being a Mom is breathtaking.

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Bang said...

May I suggest the book "Heaven is for REAL." There is also a kids version's excellent if you want to teach about Jesus also. Not sure what anyone believes in these days...