Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Uh-Oh...Mommy has the camera again

The countdown to Christmas is on.
Our precious little beauties are prepped and ready.
Of course we have to sneak in the holiday card photo shoot.
I have said it before...and I will say it again...
Photo-shoots are always full of entertainment at our house.  There is always one stick in the mud camera shy beauty in the group.  Most often, it's miss Jocelyn.  However, today...It was miss Farrah.  She was less than thrilled about taking a group photo.  She wanted to be in the picture alone with the singing hallmark snowman.  I, as you guessed, wanted a picture of my four girls sans singing hallmark snowman.
Here is the series of events.
 I was able to get in two good photos before "the meltdown."
 As we see here...Farrah begins crawling away from her sisters.  She is coming to get the singing hallmark snowman.  Which is on the table behind me.
 And...Farrah is out of the shot, at my feet.  I use the "you're going to be sad when Mommy takes a really good picture to share with everyone and you're not in it" tactic.  It of course does not work.  She makes it clear that she could care less.
 Here we have full blown tantrum in the side view of the photo.  Complete with kicking.  Oh yes, I said kicking.  I now pull out the "Santa is watching you" tactic.  Yep, you guessed it.  She does not care if Santa is watching.  She is NOT getting in that photo.
 Chloe with the "Mommy is getting flustered, I better smile look" 
Jocelyn telling Farrah (with her eyes) to get into the picture so Mommy doesn't cry.  
I will also point out...Jocelyn is IN the picture!
 Silvie swoops in to Farrah's rescue.  What does she bring?  The singing hallmark snowman.
She consoles her for several minutes.  Giving kisses and love.  Trying to convince her to just "suck it up sister."
 Silvie is over that.  She wants her picture taken.  She's not afraid to ham it up for Mommy's camera!
 Neither is Jocelyn.  Ham it up Baby Girl!
 Chloe-girl making sure she takes part in the pretty posing contest.
 Oh my sweet Farrah.  Had to share this one,  even crying and mid tantrum, you are beautiful.
One day, you will thank Mommy for capturing this...one day when you have children, and they will not pose for your "silly" photo-shoots.
Oh Jocelyn...Mommy loves it when you smile!

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Molly Brown said...

Good Lord, Momma! Finally Auntie Molly has been looking at the site everyday hoping there would be some Xmas pictures and viola! I am so happy to see these beautiful faces. Much love to 4 little beauties, Chloe, Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie. MWAH!x4!