Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Mommy Smile...as usual

Silvie was proudly serving pizza pies to Matt and I.  Always careful to watch when we were "finished" so she could bring us a new one.
We love afternoons at the children's museum.  
As the girls get older, I am in awe watching them interact and play with each other and with other children.  They are so intelligent and good mannered.  Always willing to share and help other children and each other.  
 Jocelyn loves the market.  She would spend the entire time there if her sisters didn't want to explore other rooms.  She shops and plays with the cash register.  When it's time to move on she always helps everyone else put their items back on the shelves.
 Farrah and Silvie making pizza.
 Jocelyn still at the cash register...
 Chloe's favorite room...arts and crafts of course.  She loves to create things.  She is always drawing or cutting up something.  The model activity they had on demo was "make an owl out of a toilet paper roll." Ummm, can you say perfect fit for Chloe?  Owls and crafts...yes please.
 After the museum, we decided that we would take a visit to Santa land in the mall.
The beauties were very excited to talk to him...they had what they wanted to ask for all planned out.
Chloe: new ice skates, american girl doll, friendship bracelet "stuff", and the vincent van gogh barbie
Jocelyn:  ice skates, swimming ariel, cinderella and her horse
Farrah:  ice skates, swimming ariel, "the farrah fawcett" barbie 
Silvie:  ice skates, swimming ariel, belle and the beast doll set and something in cheetah print
When we arrive to the line...everyone was still excited.
When it was our turn, Chloe and Silvie were a-okay with talking to the big guy, Farrah a little more reserved, and poor Jocelyn, would not even make eye contact.  Scared out of her wits.  Matt had to get her to sit on his lap, so I could snap a photo.
Oh what wonderful memories.

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