Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mollimarie and Haley!

Happy Birthday to our "two" BEAUTIFUL NIECES!
Haley Bop is the BIG 11 today. Modzer is 8 today!
We love you GIRLS! Stop growing so fast you are making us old!
We attended 2 parties this week! So much for to eat cake twice!

Another week has come to an end, almost. We have been busy around the house trying to clean, organize and make space. We have been toying with the thought of placing our home up for sale. Still not sure if we are really ready for that or not. We outgrew this one on Sept. 7th, 2006, when they said..."there are THREE". But it is so scary to think about selling, packing, moving, finding a new house, a bigger payment, new neighbors...I guess I could go on and time for I will stop.

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