Monday, May 12, 2008

A New Addition to our Home...

Welcome our new addition! No, you crazy people...I am not pregnant, are you nuts!? Chloe has a Baby Hamster. Her name is "Belle". Belle is a dwarf hamster. She is very tame and loves to be held. She is grey and brown with a black stripe down her back. Her full name is "Belle Cinderella". Chloe is enjoying playing with her, feeding her and watching her run in her exercise ball. However, Chloe does not like the way her feet feel. She will only hold her in her lap, not in her hands yet. But she says she will soon. She pets her back and face, but not her feet. Jocelyn, Farrah and especially Silvie love her too! They want to hold her, feet and all. We think Jocelyn would really like to hug her to death...literally! They screech with excitement when we take her out of the cage. They pet her "gently" and want to grab her. They even try to kiss her. It's really cute to see all 4 girls crowded around her.
She is very sweet and makes a great addition to the Hendricks Family. Oh, by the way...yep another girl in the family! Sorry Matty.

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FECU said...

little mommy chloe!! belle might need a male companion you know....someone for matt to relate to a little. hahahaha