Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our First time to the Campgrounds this year

Chloe has been with Grandma and Papa this weekend at the campgrounds. In fact she is having so much fun she didn't want to come home with me tonight. It's Matty's weekend to work, so, Jocelyn, Farrah, Silvie and I took a trip to the "Great Outdoors". The fresh air was really nice. We arrived at lunchtime and had a picnic on a blanket outside. We sat in our "tot" sized lawn chairs, which we really loved! We went for a walk, played the alphabet game, I found a four leaf clover! We had ice cream, walked some more and then the girls took a ride in the stroller. The bugs were kinda nasty, but they are everywhere. Jocelyn loved walking around in the grass and wanted to follow Chloe all around. Chloe made some new friends at the playground and even played kickball for the first time. Farrah and Silvie were happy people watching and being held. It was a fun afternoon. Hope the summer is full of many more fun weekends at the campgrounds!

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