Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not an April Fool

I think it is funny that my five year old beauty understands the concept of April Fool's Day.
She told her Daddy tonight that Mommy is pregnant.
She had it all planned out. She sat down on his lap, was very serious, and said, "Daddy, you wanna know something? Mommy has had a really bad headache. I'm supposed to not tell you. Mommy's pregnant."
Of course Matt, knowing this is next to impossible, responds with, "oh really?"
Chloe gets a devilish grin and shouts "April Fools!"
Matt and I both grinned from ear to ear. Our little Chloe, such a smarty.
For the Grammies reading's a joke...a joke...Sugar Mommy is not pregnant...


Kristen said...

Your daughters are beautiful! I am a 24 yr old triplet (GBG) and love hearing about little ones!

Kelly said...

hmm... was this subconscious that she wants more siblings? :o) Have agreat one!