Thursday, April 9, 2009

How much is that doggy in the window?

Chloe and I made a trip to Petland tonight. She loves to go there and look at the hamsters. We had to get a new water bottle for Bella's cage. Hers is leaking and I am so afraid she is going to drown in the puddle. After getting the new H2O dispenser, Chloe decided she wanted to check out the puppies. She has been really into doggies ever since seeing the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. (It is a cute movie if you haven't seen it.) I agreed and we visited each one through the Plexi-glass windows. Just as we were getting ready to say our goodbyes, she saw another customers go into one of the petting rooms with a puppy. She peered up with those huge baby blues and said, "oh, Mommy, can we hold a puppy?" How could I say no to that? The first one was a Weimariner (sp)...ummm so stinking cute. Matt and I had one before Chloe was born...little Shelby. Sweet doggie, but not so smart. Chloe loved her. She loved Chloe...time to put her back. Then she spotted a Dachshund, she had to play with that one too, because it is a little dog "that could wear clothes." I agreed again. A few minutes turned into twenty and I finally convinced er the doggie probably had to poop and she better go back to her cage. Chloe sadly agreed. She really loves dogs...maybe someday Chloe, but these days Mommy has enough poop to clean up.

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Kelly said...

THat is so dangerous!! Last time I went to Petland , I ended up with the puppy from you know where!! They are so stickin' cute and pathetic looking though! :o)