Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 years and 29 days

The Littlest Beauties had their 2 year well check this afternoon. A bit late because for whatever reason our clinic has a difficult time scheduling them all three together with our Pediatrician. Not completely sure why but oh well.
The beauties are growing like crazy! Way ahead developmentally! They are 3 healthy little toddlers! Dr. M. was so impressed with their vocabulary. She said they speak so clearly and have such a range of words. She also commented on the way they communicate between themselves. Like a secret little language. They climbed all over everything and drew pictures with chalk. They also had a lead screening today. Finger pokes are no fun...mommy knows this from her pregnancies...but they took it like troopers. They had a great time showing off their matching bandaids, and telling people "ouch" while pointing to their fingers. They were up to date on all vaccines, so no shots today! Yeah!
Here are the growth stats:

Jocelyn weighs in at 25lbs and is 34.96 inches
Farrah weighs in at 22lbs 2oz and is 34.06 inches
Silvie weighs in at 23lbs 6oz and is 34.65 inches
They are all three on the growth chart! Woo hoo! Finally.
I have to say I think we are growing these triplets pretty darn well...Amazing they started so tiny and fragile. Today they are happy, healthy toddlers.


Lindsay said...

They are just so cute. I am glad they are growing as they should, it's nice to not have to worry that they are on track huh?

Kelly said...

Great job , MOM!!