Monday, April 6, 2009

Naps are my friend

We seem to be having a very difficult time the last month or so with nap time around here. I wish I could communicate with the Beauties that they should relish in their daily nap while they can, however, I would be wasting my breath. Obviously. I just do not understand. I would take a nap, or maybe even two naps everyday if I could. Not to mention, Mommy really needs the down time during their nap. Time to catch up on everything else. I also really enjoy having that one on one time with Chloe. In the last three weeks I think they have taken maybe four really good naps. About six forty-five minutes or less. The rest of the days within that time period...napless. Those of you who have toddlers nap=crabby kiddos.
So what s a girl to do? They play in their cribs. They giggle. They throw their loveys and blankets on the floor. They chatter. They have started taking the clothes off (my favorite), they take their diapers off too occasionally. Sometimes they fuss. I go in and check them about every twenty minutes or so. Always keeping them in their room for at least hour if they do not go to sleep. Then the night time routine is crazy. They all want to be held all night. They fight more, bite more, usually do not eat as well...because they are tired.
How can I get them to take their nap? I truly do not feel they are ready to forgo the nap yet, and neither am I.


MaryBeth said...

I had a rough go of it in the naps dept. a while back. After reading Elizabeth Pantley's No-Cry Nap Solution to affirm myself in their NEED for said nap, I finally found that by putting them down after between 5 and 6 hours of awake time they would go to sleep. Now, they were so overtired by the time I started doing this that I had to sit in the room with them until they fell asleep for a few days... and still do sometimes when I can tell it is going to be tough for them to get to sleep. But I know what you mean about no sleep and crabby girls!! The worst thing around here now is when one or two absolutely can't get to sleep in the afternoons and then they are all on different schedules for bedtime.
Good luck!

Tricia said...

hehe naps, I want naps! As far as tutu's go if you decide to order I can discount for you! Thanks for entering the giveaway!

Kelly said...

your daughters are adorable! Cute blog!

bang said...

benadryl, niquil, xanax.

Lindsay said...

I wish I had some advice about nap time too. I just stick them in bed and tell them that they will lay there until they take a nap. It I just get them to stay still for a few minutes they are out quickly, it's getting them to stay still that is the hard part. Good luck and if you ever figure something out...let me know.