Monday, July 20, 2009

Little Sickies

It has been one of those crabby weeks around here, with the exception of the day we spent at the zoo. I finally decided the girls needed to be checked by the doctor today. This after another almost sleepless night. All three up in shifts, and sometimes all at once. (Man, how did I do that for 16 months when they were babies?) They have all been running fevers off and on since Thursday, running noses and coughs...just overall not themselves.
Three double ear infections...ugh...poor beauties. They are all hopped up on Tylenol and antibiotics. So far...they are sleeping quietly, do I dare curse myself by writing that? I guess I just did. Chloe is asleep too, in our bed. She is also running a 103 temperature and says her ears and throat hurt and she has a headache. Poor sweetheart. She never gets sick. Not even colds. Hoping the meds kick in quickly and our house is back to "normal" very soon.

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