Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We love the Fair

The Beauties had a fun filled day at the county fair today. Of course the favorite of the day was the animals barns and the ice cream (of course). They loved the cows and the sheep. Farrah wanted to take the "piggys" home for some piggy soup, however, I talked her out if it. We did take a picture of two "piggys" "spooning" it is Farrah's favorite. We also saw peacocks and bunnies, horses and goats. Jocelyn learned that she shouldn't put her fingers inside the chicken pens...she got pecked. She laughed. I guess it tickled. They also visited with the peacocks, donkeys and ducks. Chloe, Farrah and Jocelyn got to ride a ride. Farrah and Jocelyn picked the choo-choo and Chloe rode on the swings with cousin Haley and her friend Sammy. Silvie wasn't riding today. We walked through the halls and collected "junk". We even saw cousin Molli! She was there with her summer camp. The beauties were very excited to see her! They are already looking forward to going back on Thursday night! Chloe said she is riding all the rides!

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Jessica said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun at the fair! I can't wait till ours at the end of the month! There is nothing like a country fair *grin*!