Friday, July 17, 2009

Put us in the Zoo

Sitting on the piggy.

The reptile house.

The baby camel.

Chloe...always posing.

Monkeys looking at monkeys.

Pretty giraffes.

The beloved giraffes.

One of the evil goaties

The evil goatie getting ready to stick his head through to say hello.

Farrah enjoying the choo-choo

Jocelyn waiting patiently for the choo-choo.

This statue was the only elephant we were able to see today.

The temperature was a balmy and wonderful 67 degrees today. Sugar Mommy's favorite kind of weather. We woke up a bit on the early side this morning and decided to take advantage of the cooler temp and head out to the zoo. It is about an hour drive from home and I dared to brave it on my own. Sugar Mommy and her 4 Little Beauties.
We arrived and headed in and took a ride around the zoo on the choo-choo train. The Beauties LOVED it. They were so excited to see all of the animals. They waved and squealed with happiness. The favorites of the day were of course the giraffes, by a landslide. They also LOVED the monkeys and the camels. There was even a month old baby camel. The beauties were quite interested in him, especially while he was breastfeeding. We heard the male lion give several big "roars" he was really loud. They also were very interested in the reptile house. (Hmmm...not sure about that one?) I think the only part they didn't care for was the goats in the petting zoo. One of them stuck it's head through the fence and I thought they were all going to jump out of their skin. They all started crying and screaming. Other patrons got quite a kick out of it. I have to admit I giggled too. They didn't mind them from a far, so big sissy did the feeding by hand. The Littlest Beauties wanted nothing to do with those goaties licking their hands. We spent about three hours walking around and visiting the animals.
It is safe to say they really enjoyed the zoo.

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