Friday, January 22, 2010

Night caps

The beauties have started waking in the night several times each night again. Why? Just when you think they are all sleeping though the night, they start waking up again. It would be so much easier to bring all four of the beauties to bed with me. But Matt says NO WAY! I know, he is right.
We are back at the cry it out, self soothing thing. Which I hate. But they say it has to be done. I admit it has worked every other time with them. They just get in a routine. They wake, they want Mommy, they cry. Mommy picks up, soothes, hugs and they go back to sleep, only to wake in an hour or so and do the entire routine over.
I can let them cry if Matt is here. But when he is working I go crazy. I send him text messages about how this cry thing doesn't work. He says be strong, so I tell him I can't, and ask how he can stand to let them cry. He hates it too. But, it does seem to work. How come they always know to do it on nights Daddy is at work? They sleep all night when he is here. He goes to work and they are up five different times? Hmmmm, they must have Mommy pegged to be the softy. I won't tell them they are right just yet.
So, while I am up, listening to my beauties "soothe" themselves back to sleep...I realize...I'm tired.

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Stephanie said...

Because they know that you will get them when he isn't there :) They're smart little beauties!!!!!!!!!!!