Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A brand new year.
I remember this time six years ago, I was "patiently" awaiting for my first baby to be born, my Chloe. I remember this time three years ago, I was in the hospital on bed rest with the triplets, praying they would stay put just a while longer.
I remember having the same old know, the ones that never seem to happen.
So much is different this time of year now. But I always stop and take a stroll down memory lane to visit such miracles in my life. I wonder what life was like before, as I cannot remember life without my girls. The last six years have been a whirlwind. So many changes, so much love, so many wonderful memories...and of course a lot of stress.
It has come to my attention (okay, actually thrown at me) how quickly they are growing. Changing. They are little girls, not babies anymore. You never imagine just how quickly life goes until you blink. My Mom says it all the time. My Grandmother says it all the time.
My resolution for 2010 is to take more time to just live. To simply enjoy life. To make more memories. To catch every single moment of my daughters' lives. To trap those memories in my heart and mind. I will use less of myself and my energy worrying about the little things. Things I cannot help or change. I will not fret about laundry baskets full of unfolded clothing. Because I will be happier not caring if they are there, rather than stressed because they are. I will get to them when I can. I will worry less about the dishes in the sink, and the fuzz on the toilet, they will still be there when I have an extra five. I will focus my attention on my marriage, my daughters, my family and myself. The things that matter the most. In short...I will stop worrying about things that do not truly matter.
I am richly blessed with those in my life. I want to enjoy every single moment.
Happy New Year.

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Mudge said...

good new years resolution! i'm on board for that one! laundry can wait...