Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Little Beauties

Showers at our house can get kind of tricky. The trickiness began when the triplets were babies. I tried as much as possible to rest when they were napping during the day. Usually Chloe and I would curl up together and catch a movie. I was so tired. Nights were always too short, especially when you are up most of them, feeding, changing, rocking or pumping. So, as you can imagine, and as Matt will confirm, showers were not a priority. Usually it was later in the evening, if I was lucky. Then as they became mobile, there was NO WAY I was taking a shower when I was home alone with them. Forget it. Then they began walking, still no way I was showering while at home alone with them. Then Chloe kind of became my little helper. I would gate the toy room and leave the bathroom door open so I could hear everything. Chloe was my watch girl. I swear during a 2 minute and 14 second shower, I probably asked her 74 times if they were all okay, if they were climbing, if they were putting things in their mouths. There was a wet streak in the hall from the bathroom to the toy room daily, because every time the cry was a little distressed I would bolt from the shower to be sure they were okay. Usually they were, a few times they climbed on top of the chest or one had taken a "nibble" on another one.
When Chloe began school this fall, things became really tricky again. The option of going without a shower until late evening...not an option...I didn't want to admit to myself that I may have a little of "that Mom" in me. Showering during nap time...a no no at our house. The bathroom shares a wall with their room. (Mommy needs the regrouping, down time during the nap.) So I decided to get brave and just go for it. The first few times seemed to go smooth. They would all stand at the gate and watch, or cry for me. (So relaxing.) Soon they began just playing. Most of the time getting along well. Then the discovered Elmo and Happy Feet. This was my savior as I began to shave my legs again. Ahhh.
Then one day I decided to let them play in the living room while I showered. I gated everything off of course. They were very quiet the entire time. Which caused severe concern on my behalf. I kept calling for them, no answer. I quickly ran from my soapy bliss, to the living room...not gate open...all three of them sitting on TOP of the kitchen counter, putting on chap-stick, band-aids and drinking diet coke...well except Farrah, "she likes coffee." (Just ask her.) In case you are I did not forget to close the gate leading to the kitchen. Farrah can open it. (Just ask her.) She will do it gladly for you, me and any of her sisters. If you are wondering...nope, they didn't use a chair. They climbed like little monkeys. Using cabinets and drawers to make their way "safely" to the top.
Needless to say...showers have once again become more complicated. WOW, my legs are hairy.

So...what does this long story have to do with the photo above, you are wondering?

When I finished with my shower yesterday, this is how I found them when I tippy-toed from the bathroom to spy what they were up to.
My three sweet little triplet Beauties sitting in the chair together, cuddled up in a blanket, reading a book. Melted my heart.

And yes...they were back to their usual antics today...

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