Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday Games

 I celebrated my 35th birthday last week, and although I was unable to join in the birthday twister game, it made my heart smile to watch the game being played.
My wonderful friend Fiona, her two boys and my Momma came over to help me celebrate.  Fiona cooked dinner as I referred the game of twister.  It was so cute to see Chloe and her buddy Roan playing by the rules and watching Jocelyn, Farrah, Silvie and Tristin try so hard to figure out how to play.  They made a valiant effort to remember which was right and which was left and to try to keep the left hand down when the right was moving to a new space.  So cute.
We had a yummy dinner and then cheesecake and brownies made by Chloe and Grandma Pam.  Wonderful memories I will hold close to my heart.  It was a great birthday! 

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