Monday, October 11, 2010

Campground Fun

 It was Poppy Steve's birthday weekend and the last weekend of camping in 2010.
The Beauties had tons of fun running around taking in the sites and the fresh fall air.
Jocelyn collected a huge arm full of willows.  She was quite proud of them, and showed it by carrying them around for hours on Friday night.

 Playing in the grass and sporting some "plumber butt" Jocelyn and Farrah having a ball.
 As the days go by, Jocelyn proves on a daily basis, that she is the true "sassy" girl in the bunch.
 This is the new "game" the triplets like to play.
I call it "holding on to each others clothing while Mommy crosses her fingers that no one gets hurt."  I think it is named well, because it is not only an outdoor game, but one they play daily in the house.  They bounce off walls and furniture.

 Another favorite game at our house right now..."chase me."
 Chloe and Farrah found a green caterpillar.  They were very proud of it.
I learned when they brought it to me, that it really was a "pretend caterpillar" a weed they named "Mr. Cat."
 Mommy's sweet little Farrah.  I think this has to be one of the most favorite photos I have taken of her.  Ir encompasses her personality beyond words.
 The view of Beauties on the lake.
So pretty.
 Silly time with Farrah.
 Dance moves with Farrah.
Quiet onlooking from Silvie.
As always the sweet reserved one of the group.

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