Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Lil' Punkins

Pumpkins are a huge part of fall season and Halloween night fun!  I have carved some pretty sweet pumpkins in my days, especially since becoming a Mommy.  This year, I had to take the "easy" approach.  I am still not at my "normal" functioning level.  Surgery has really begun to take a toll on daily activities.  But, that being said, everyday gets better.  When it came time to crave pumpkins (times four) I decided to go easy on the knee.  Rather than spending a huge chunk of time sitting on the floor, digging out pumpkin goo, and then several hours tracing, cutting and carving...we broke out the good ole paint and "decorated" the pumpkins instead.
The Beauties had a great time with it.  They didn't have to get "pumpkin yuckies" on their hands, they didn't have to dig out goo and they were able to do one of their favorite things, play with paint.  The pumpkins were a colorful showing, although, not as gratifying as a candle lit masterpiece.  I look forward to next year , when I will be back to my normal bending maneuvering self.

Silvie is well on her way to being the artist of the beauties.  She takes so much time on her work.  Pumpkins are no exception.  She would have put layer upon layer of paint on that thing.

Farrah was so into her work she was covered from head to toe in paint by the time her pumpkin was finished.

Chloe decided to make an open mouthed pumpkin face.  That way, he could eat Halloween candy.  Smart thinking Chloe.

Jocelyn was so proud of her work, I even managed to get her to look and smile at the camera.  Normally if the camera is out these days, she is hiding in the other room, as far away from the lens as possible.

Chloe was such a big helper to her sisters. 

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