Monday, June 2, 2008

2007 NICU Reunion at Kinnick

Time flies we all know that. When you really think about how quickly it flies...well it is kind of mind blowing. The Children's Hospital, The Parent Connection and NICU Staff held the 2007 NICU Graduate Reunion on Sunday. It was held at Kinnick Stadium. They had a carnival style gathering for babies born/graduated from the NICU in 2007 and their families. There were bouncing houses, duck ponds, popcorn, books, coloring, and the triplets most favorite...Snocones! Chloe's favorite were the vanilla cupcakes! Of course! One of the most special parts of the afternoon was seeing some of the nurses that took such great care of the girls. Especially "Nurse Bev". She will always be so close to our hearts! We also took a trip to the Mother/Baby unit at the hospital. We met up with some nurses that took care of Mommy! Mary and Melanie, and Terri and Becky! It was great to see them and to introduce them to the girls! A big change from when they used to chase you around with the doppler to find your heartbeats!

We met up with some "old" friends the Abben Family. Elizabeth, Grace and Amelia are getting big too. We even were able to meet big sister Faith! We also met up with several other families that were there in the NICU at the same time that we were there. They all commented on how much the girls all looked alike and how blue their eyes were. There was a photo gallery of all the graduates' then and now stats. So nice to see such wonderful improvements! The photos brought tears to our eyes. So many so tiny and have changed so much and come so far.

So many miracles. So much to be thankful for. Thank you to all of those who helped to give our LITTLE MIRACLES the strongest beginning to life possible! They are doing so wonderful.

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loren said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to go to your NICU reunion. My friend was going to go with her 24-weeker but her basement flooded from all the storms. She was pretty disappointed, but maybe she'll meet you guys next year!