Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Times with Auntie Jenn

Auntie Jennifer is here for a visit from Chile! We had fun playing outside, blowing bubbles and catching up. Aunt Suzie and Uncle Tom came too! Uncle Tom and Chloe had fun reading stories.Auntie Jenn and Suzie kept busy making friends with the triplets. They loved the bubbles so that helped break the ice a bit. We met up with Auntie Molly and Chloe's BFF Olivia at where else...Carlos Kelly's. Mmmm chili con queso. Olivia did not want to let her BFF down, so they got to stay up late and hang out with the big girls. Uncle Tom gave Chloe and Olivia mini swords and the waitress even brought out a few more. Yes, they were jousting in Carlos. The patrons seated around us were very amused. No really, they were. Uncle Tom tried to get Chloe to eat a cherry...nope. We are looking forward to Saturday. Auntie Molly's birthday! Matt and I are headed for a night out with Molly, Clint, Jenn and Brad to celebrate. So great to see Jenn and her family! We look forward to Saturday!

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