Friday, July 4, 2008

Little Sparkles

Independence Day. July 4th, 2008

We began the day in Coralville, at the Coralville Parade. WOW there were a lot of people there! It took us a bit longer to arrive due to traffic, construction and road barricades (right Matty?) But we made it! We met Olivia, Laila, Uncle Clint and Auntie Molly for the festivities. We had a front row seat thanks to Grandma White Hair and Annie! Chloe and Olivia caught enough candy to open a candy shop. Or at least keep the dental industry going. Laila, Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie loved the parade! The triplets even had their first tootsie rolls and lollipops. (I'm betting they were not the last.) After the parade we ventured home for a took a while but all four beauties and daddy caught a few zzzz's. Just in time to pack up and go to Grandma Pammy's and Papa Steve's for another parade! YEA! They were just as happy, and they knew what to expect! They waved at every entry and ate some tootsie rolls and lollipops! They even wanted to go out and collect them! Chloe did a fantastic job catching the candy. She even passed some out to two different older couples sitting near us. So sweet of her! She always makes sure to share. That's our Chloe. We had dinner at Grammy's and it was time to get on the road. Bedtime. Chloe is eagerly awaiting the fireworks...I am excited to hear how they are!
We hope your holiday was as memorable as ours was.

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