Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Beauties at the fair

We made a couple trips to the fair this week. Tuesday is "kids day" so we went to see what all the fun was about. We visited the exhibit hall, collected lots of "junk". Chloe and Haley rode on the swings and played a few games. Haley got a tattoo and Chloe had to be rescued by a "carnie" at the top of the big slide. She would NOT slide down! She was so scared, poor thing! They wouldn't let me go up after her. So the "carnie" went up to help her slide down. Not sure how I felt about that really. Personally I would have rather slide down and be a bit frightened then slide down with a "carnie". Ice cream afterwards made everything all better and we went to visit all the animals. Chloe "milked" a cow, she wasn't sure she liked it. Can't blame her I am a city girl too. Leave the "farm work" to the farmers I say. One of the calves got a bit too close to Jocelyn, which she made sure she let everyone know that she did not screaming as loud as she could. We saw sheep, and cows and some rabbits. Chloe said her favorite part of the fair was the giant swing ride. She went on it 4 times! Once with Haley and she suckered Papa Steve into it 3 times. Papa loved it! Farrah's favorite part was picking a duckie for a prize, Jocelyn likes the bunnies the best, and Silvie just liked it all...except when strangers came up and tried to touch her...she really doesn't like that! We saw some old friends and even got tattooed! All in all, the fair was good. Maybe next year we will attempt the State Fair...or maybe not.

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