Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We miss Daddy

Today is Tuesday. A really good Tuesday. Yes, I am still lucky enough to be hanging on to that yucky cold, but taking otc remedies as well as an antibiotic for the sinus infection part. Matty had a day off today. The first one in...honestly I cannot remember when the last one was. Between the normal 12 hour shifts, the overtime on patrol, the overtime he is helping with in dispatch, overtime for Ragbrai, and the other part time rental company thingy, it has been a LONG couple months missing Daddy. The girls were in their glory today. Even with their running noses. Daddy fed them breakfast and played all morning. Put them down for naps. He helped with lunch...and for the BIG outing tonight...IHOP! Yes, we took the girls out to dinner. Now for all of you that maybe thinking, "Okay, what's the big deal about IHOP?" Have you ever taken 17 month old triplets and a 4 year old out to dinner? I didn't think so. I thought it was fairly successful. I mean, I did spill and entire soda all over the table and floor. Yes me, not the triplets, not Chloe, but Mommy. As Chloe said, "Aces Mommy". The floor was a bit messy when we were finished eating, however, I have seen and cleaned up much worse. I did pick up most of the large droppings and apologised for the mess several times. Besides we left a good tip. Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie had "pannicakes" fruit and some eggs. Chloe loves the breakfast for dinner as much as Mommy and Daddy do. She had a "pannicake" with a whip cream smiley face. Silvie and Farrah also enjoyed the "crayon appetizer". Why do kids eats crayons? They do not taste good. But every time you give our trio crayons, straight into the mouth. They actually chew them...gross. Matt and I ate so quickly, I forgot what we had. But at least we were all together. Being together is all that really matters. We love it when Daddy's home.

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