Sunday, July 13, 2008

A night out

It was a night out to celebrate. Happy Birthday to Molly and a visit with good friends. Molly and Clint, Jennifer and Brad, Tom and Sue, Matt and I. We started with dinner at a new dig called Blackstone. I think it is a new favorite. From there we headed to Joe's Place. Wow, that place has changed a bit in the last few years. I remember it as kind of a mellow hangout, not so much these days. The beers were cold and the conversation was Great! Heather was even "there" via text message. Heather we are going to plan a girls trip to Cali! The adult only time was fabulous. Excited for the next time already. Surprisingly...not even a headache this morning.

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FECU said...

Wow! I'm like a rock star on the Hendricks miracle blog lately!! So fun and now that we are 'older and wiser', that helps with the no headache after a night of social drinking, eh?? Love you!