Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back...why?

What is the REAL purpose for daylight savings? Besides of course messing with EVERYONE"S internal clock? I hate it! Pick a time and stick to it. I remember a time before I became a Mommy when it was a little extra hour to sleep in...ahh those were the days. This morning it was up before normal time, which when adjusted was 6:35. It is 6:30 and the littlest beauties have been in bed since before the hour. (They normally go at 7:00.) They were ready far before normal time! Between being up late on Friday and the change in time the Mommy is wiped too! The oldest beauty and I are going to read stories and then lights out...But seriously...what is the purpose?

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Scott and Jaclyn said...

I completely agree... everyone here has been up waaay too early ever since.