Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Show off your Pearly Whites

Playing in the waiting room
Silvie brushing the Big Kangaroo's Chompers
Farrah and the Big Kangaroo...using her new toothbrush...
Jocelyn brushing the Big Kangaroo and her own teeth at the same that is an experienced tooth brusher...

It was the Littlest Beauties first visit to the Dentist yesterday. The Oldest Beauty gave a great pep-talk on the way. Promising that Dr. R was very nice, and that having your teeth looked at will NOT hurt at all! She was very convincing...considering she screamed the entire time on her first visit. The Doc said their teeth looked GREAT! Keep up the brushing...which is one of their most favorite things to do. Jocelyn would hang out in the bathroom all day, everyday brushing hers if we would let her.

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