Monday, November 24, 2008

New hair-dos

Jocelyn...with her own hair

Silvie Mae

Chloe girl looking like her Momma


The Beauties were sporting some new hair-dos Sunday afternoon. Auntie Molly (my BFF) brought Chloe home from the overnight-er with Miss Olivia. She stayed and visited for a bit. (So nice to sit and chat honey!) Her "new hair" is coming in quite pretty! So soft. Just makes you want to cuddle up with her fuzzy soft head. I guess that's Clinton's job though. She took her wig off, because Chloe wanted to see her without it again. (It is fascinating to her.) The triplets were very interested in it too. They wanted to put it on, well everyone except Jocelyn that is. Farrah and Silvie look exactly alike in the wig. Maybe someday Silvie Mae will stop pulling her hair out. If she doesn't she may need to borrow Auntie Molly's wig, because she doesn't have much left of her own. Can you tell them apart. Chloe really looks like her Mommy with the darker hair, don't you think. Thanks for letting us "play" with your hair Auntie!


rachael said...

heehee, that is too cute!

The White Family said...

That is great!! She looks so much older with that wig on, lol.