Saturday, November 8, 2008

We took a THREE hour napper today

Silvie wants to buy some bread sticks.
Shop till you drop Beauties.
Checking out the pastries.
Mmmmm...yes, I think I like this.
I'll take one of these.
Farrah filling up cart number three.
Chloe and Jocelyn deciding what to get this time.
More pastries...yep...those are my girls.
Silvie and Farrah sitting "in" the pastry case
Check out girl Chloe
Jocelyn still shopping.
Chloe getting ready to put on a puppet show.
What does the cow say? Moo...that's right.

We had a fun morning at the Children's Museum. It was crazy busy! I mean seriously, there were kids EVERYWHERE! We normally do not go on the weekends, especially on the day of the last home Hawkeye game...but we felt daring today...or maybe it was cabin fever. Call it what you will, the Little Beauties had a great time. It was Grandma Val's first time at the museum. I think she had a good time too! We spent most of our time in the Grocery store. This was the favorite of the day and a close second goes to the Farm room. We also visited the newly remodeled Hospital room, we didn't stay long though, because Jocelyn and Silvie were extremely afraid of the skeleton and the x-ray machine. Miss Chloe did look very good in the white lab coat. Maybe she will become a doctor some day.


rachael said...

ooooh...3 hour nap. yummy!

Mudge said...

wow! you and val were brave! maybe a trip to the museum should be a once a week routine with a nap like that!

The White Family said...

For some reason it won't let me follow your blog. :o(

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

I saw you over on Alicia's blog and thought I'd take a peek. So nice to see others with lots of kids..then I don't feel so alone :)

You have a beautiful family!!..Hope you don't mind if I follow you.

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Well when i tried to follow it wouldn't let me. It must not like me :)

Sugar Mommy said...

I love new makes me feel loved! Not sure why it will not let a couple of you follow. I don't think there are setting for that feature, but I will check. You could always follow at that's my other blog. It is not updated as often, but that way you have a direct link I guess.