Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Beauties aren't feeling very well

Made a trip to the doc today. The Little Beauties have been very owly the last few days. Running noses and coughs. Not sleeping like they normally do, ya know all that fun stuff. Miss Farrah was running a 103 temperature today, so we decided to head in and have them all checked out. Chloe was a big girl...she received her flu shot today, ouch. She did very well, only cried for a couple minutes. Nothing a little ice cream can't fix. Jocelyn looked good, a little fluid in the ears no infection. She weighed 24 lbs! Silvie looked good too, also fluid in her ears. She weighed in at 22 lbs. Farrah on the other hand has a very bad ear infection. Poor sweetie. No wonder she was up all night cuddling with Mommy in the recliner. She weighed in at just under 21 lbs. Still the runt of the bunch, but holding her own very well. She started antibiotics tonight. Don't know what it is about those ears? Hopefully we will stay healthy through the next few cold and yucky months.

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rachael said...

sorry to hear everyone isn't feeling well, i hope everyone gets better soon!