Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving. What a wonderful beginning to the Holiday Season. We spent the day travelling between our parents' homes. Spending time with each of them today was important to us and to the Little Beauties. We shared the afternoon meal with Matt's Mom, aka Grandma Val, Stepdad, Grandmother Darlene, Alicia and Eli and Baby Will, Matt's Aunts, Uncles and a few cousins. We ate and shared some stories, caught up with what everyone has been up to, Matt, Val and I did a lot of Beauty chasing. They did not want to sit still. They wanted in to everything. They loved the fix-ins today! Jocelyn liked the pumpkin pie so much she was eating it from the whole pie with a spoon! Chloe even tried corn! And she liked it even! Yeah Chloe Girl! We started packing up about 2:30 and head home to drop off Daddy. He had worked all night and needed to get some sleep before work tonight. We spent the second half of the day at Gramma Pam and Papa Steve's house. Ant Dee, Uncle Chad and Molli were there too. We enjoyed another fabulous meal. Some laughs and some funny stories...not going into details...but we laughed. The Beauties ate potatoes (from the bowl, right Farrah?) Silvie was the "Jello Princess." Jocelyn ate more pumpkin pie for dessert. We played for a while, changed into jammies and headed for home. No naps and after bedtime makes for crabby toddlers! Not to mention they are still fighting colds. It is a bit after nine, all the Beauties are asleep and I am thinking about what this day means and the things in my life I am truly the most thankful for.
Here they are simply stated...
I am thankful for my Matty. My Stinky. My Husband. My Soul mate. The Father of my daughters. My Lover. My Best friend.
I am thankful for my Little Beauties. Chloe, Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie. My Beautiful, smiley, healthy and happy daughters. I cannot imagine one single minute without them. I am so thankful to be their Mommy.
I am thankful for out wonderful parents. They mean so much to all of us.
I am thankful for my BFF Molly and her health.
I am thankful for my family and friends.
I am thankful each morning when I open my eyes and take in a brand new day.
I am thankful for the life I am blessed with.
I am Thankful.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bless Eww

One of my favorite new things about the Littlest Beauties is how much they are really beginning to pay attention to other people. Each other, Big Sissy, Daddy, Mommy, Grandmas and Papa, and even strangers. One of their favorite and most frequently used sentence is "Bless Eww". These Beauties can hear a sneeze from seven miles away, seriously, they really can. They "Bless Ewe" every single time they hear a sneeze. Every single sneeze. Not only do they say it, but they wait for you to acknowledge that they said it. If you don't, they will "Bless Eww" until they get a response from you. It is the cutest thing ever! Another new expression is "MINE!" I try not to pay as much attention to this one. Although I must intervene sometimes or it could end in someone getting bit. (We don't call Jocelyn "Sharky" for nothing ya know.) They are also very good at "please" and "thank you" and each other's names. They are really turning into little people! They will remind you every other second that they are not babies anymore.

Monday, November 24, 2008

New hair-dos

Jocelyn...with her own hair

Silvie Mae

Chloe girl looking like her Momma


The Beauties were sporting some new hair-dos Sunday afternoon. Auntie Molly (my BFF) brought Chloe home from the overnight-er with Miss Olivia. She stayed and visited for a bit. (So nice to sit and chat honey!) Her "new hair" is coming in quite pretty! So soft. Just makes you want to cuddle up with her fuzzy soft head. I guess that's Clinton's job though. She took her wig off, because Chloe wanted to see her without it again. (It is fascinating to her.) The triplets were very interested in it too. They wanted to put it on, well everyone except Jocelyn that is. Farrah and Silvie look exactly alike in the wig. Maybe someday Silvie Mae will stop pulling her hair out. If she doesn't she may need to borrow Auntie Molly's wig, because she doesn't have much left of her own. Can you tell them apart. Chloe really looks like her Mommy with the darker hair, don't you think. Thanks for letting us "play" with your hair Auntie!

It's a party

Farrah in the foam pit

Silvie in the foam pit

Jocelyn in the foam pit

Chloe and Olivia getting ready to dive into the foam pit

Laila and her Gramma Mo Mo

Chloe's BFF Olivia had her birthday party on Saturday. The party was held at the Gym-Nest. What a fun time had by all. I think the favorite for all the kiddos was the foam pit. Chloe and Olivia were jumping off the platform into the pit, climbing the rope wall and falling in too. Jocelyn, Farrah and Silvie went in backwards (good girls) and crawled all over the pit. What a fantastic place for a kids birthday party! Thanks for inviting all of us to celebrate your day Olivia!

Bubbles are Fun

What is it about kids and bubbles? The Little Beauties received some bubbles in their birthday party favor bags from Miss Olivia. I think it is safe to say we have used the entire contents in two of the four bubble containers in three days. They could chase bubbles for hours on end and still not be tired of it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweet and Innocent

The Little Beauties were still on the side of Cranky today. I think they are feeling a little better though. Farrah still wants her Mommy to hold her round the clock. I am doing as much holding as a Mommy of four as I can.
I had to share a little "Chloeism" from today...
She is loving school. She gets so excited on the days she goes. She cannot wait to get there and see all her friends. She is quite the social butterfly. When I picked her up today she was filling me in on the new "Turkey" song they learned. Then she continues by telling me about her friend Jessica, who has been out sick for a few days, she has been very concerned about her absence. "Mommy, Jessica has been gone from school for a l-o-n-g time. She was finally back today. She told me she had her "stencils" taken out." I replied to this, "Her stencils?" Chloe, "Yeah her "stencils" she had been having lots of sore throats, so her doctor said her throat would feel better without them." So sweet. So innocent. My little Chloe. then she says, "Mommy,my throat is scratchy, do I need to have my "stencils" out?" Mommy replies, "No sweetie, you can keep your stencils." Chloe, "Good, cuz I might need them sometime. My throat doesn't hurt anyway, it just scratches."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I feel Special

I received my second award! Yeah Sugar Mommy! My best bloggy friend Rachel over at Prettyin Pink. Thank you Rachel! I am so glad we are becoming such good buddies! Maybe someday our girls can meet!

The qualifications to receive the award are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:
1. Must link it back to the creator
2. Post the rules
3. Choose 5 people to give it to
4. Recipients must fit the characteristics above
5. Create a post to share this
6. You must thank the winner

I pass this great award on to the following:

These are 5 of the bloggers I read daily! I love your blogs and you deserve this award!
Congratulations to you from me!

Little Beauties aren't feeling very well

Made a trip to the doc today. The Little Beauties have been very owly the last few days. Running noses and coughs. Not sleeping like they normally do, ya know all that fun stuff. Miss Farrah was running a 103 temperature today, so we decided to head in and have them all checked out. Chloe was a big girl...she received her flu shot today, ouch. She did very well, only cried for a couple minutes. Nothing a little ice cream can't fix. Jocelyn looked good, a little fluid in the ears no infection. She weighed 24 lbs! Silvie looked good too, also fluid in her ears. She weighed in at 22 lbs. Farrah on the other hand has a very bad ear infection. Poor sweetie. No wonder she was up all night cuddling with Mommy in the recliner. She weighed in at just under 21 lbs. Still the runt of the bunch, but holding her own very well. She started antibiotics tonight. Don't know what it is about those ears? Hopefully we will stay healthy through the next few cold and yucky months.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Olivia

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday Miss Olivia
Happy Birthday to YOU

Chloe's BFF is Five today. Hope you have a super great day sweetie! We love You!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How does he do it?

This is a sneak peek of what Daddy has to sleep through on a daily basis. He recently went back to nights. (Yes, by choice.) He gets to see his Little Beauties more this way. He works a rotating schedule, every other weekend off. So far it has been nice, I was a bit skeptical. He is here in the evenings to eat dinner and then off to work. When he arrives home in the morning he has breakfast with the Beauties and then off to bed. If you have been in our home, if you have multiples, or if you have 3 or more children close in age, you know how quiet it isn't. All day running, jumping, laughing, squealing. slamming, dropping, clanking, crying, shrieking, fighting, bickering, Mommy intervening, singing, dancing, giggling, bouncing, skipping...get the picture? No silence to be heard for miles...but Daddy sleeps. He wakes and says he didn't even hear us most days (I think he may by stretching the truth.) Anyway...this is the Beauties new "Monkey See Monkey Do"...they did this for well into an hour. How does he sleep? Really?

B-r-o-c-c-o-l-i- broccoli broccoli





We love our broccoli! I mean we really love it! Well...all the Little Beauties except Little Miss Chloe Girl! She will not taste it so she really doesn't know if she likes or dislikes it. She acts like we are feeding her poison or something. Funny, because most of the foods we eat and her baby sisters eat...yep poison. Miss Chloe literally survives on "blue cereal" (aka honey bunches of oats with almonds), cheese, apples, vanilla yogurt, the occasional grilled cheese and of course ice cream. I guess I need the super nanny,because I cannot figure out how to get her to eat...suggestions are always welcome...The Littlest Beauties however, eat anything and everything you put in front of them. They love it all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slow down Please

It occurred to me this week how quickly the Little Beauties are growing up. Chloe will be starting Kindergarten next Fall. She loves Preschool so much and I believe she would rather be there than at home. She is all girlie girl. Loves singing and dancing and acting! She is sweet and caring and gentle. She loves everyone and is such a great Big Sister!
The Triplets are quickly turning into little people. They have changed from babies ever so quickly. It seems it was yesterday I felt them kicking around inside me and now they run and talk and interact. They are showing true toddlers signs. Words like "mine" and "no". They love hugs and kisses and throwing food on the floor!
It is truly amazing! I am such a blessed woman to call these four Little Beauties my Daughters.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We took a THREE hour napper today

Silvie wants to buy some bread sticks.
Shop till you drop Beauties.
Checking out the pastries.
Mmmmm...yes, I think I like this.
I'll take one of these.
Farrah filling up cart number three.
Chloe and Jocelyn deciding what to get this time.
More pastries...yep...those are my girls.
Silvie and Farrah sitting "in" the pastry case
Check out girl Chloe
Jocelyn still shopping.
Chloe getting ready to put on a puppet show.
What does the cow say? Moo...that's right.

We had a fun morning at the Children's Museum. It was crazy busy! I mean seriously, there were kids EVERYWHERE! We normally do not go on the weekends, especially on the day of the last home Hawkeye game...but we felt daring today...or maybe it was cabin fever. Call it what you will, the Little Beauties had a great time. It was Grandma Val's first time at the museum. I think she had a good time too! We spent most of our time in the Grocery store. This was the favorite of the day and a close second goes to the Farm room. We also visited the newly remodeled Hospital room, we didn't stay long though, because Jocelyn and Silvie were extremely afraid of the skeleton and the x-ray machine. Miss Chloe did look very good in the white lab coat. Maybe she will become a doctor some day.

A Tiskit a Taskit Little Beauties in a basket

Who needs expensive toys when you have a clothes basket around. Not the Little Beauties. They could play all day long in the laundry baskets. They fill them up. They empty them. The climb on them. They climb in them. They "help" fold the laundry...haha. Of course the best thing about the laundry basket...Sugar Mommy pushing them around in it. I must say, they are getting a bit heavier...which makes it a great workout to push all four at the same time!

Baby it's cold outside

Brrrrrrr....the colder weather is here. Difficult to believe that earlier in the week we had the windows open and played outside at the park in short sleeves. Now the heat is nice and toasty inside and the bundling has begun. Here are some cute shots of the Little Beauties sporting their new hats and boots. Jocelyn loved hers, Silvie and Farrah...not so much. Chloe as always the little fashion queen...of course loved hers.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


My Beauties LOVE bananas. I mean they really LOVE them. We go through a good size bunch in less than 2 days around here. Today however, Chloe decided that she doesn't like the "stringy things" (as she named them) that sometimes stay on the banana instead in the peel. Yes she is my picky eater we all know. I peeled them off, making sure to get each and every "stinky thing" off the fruit. She insisted that she still tastes them. Her words tonight, "Mommy, I guess I don't really like bananas after all." Hmm...the perfect of only three that she will actually eat (cantaloupe and apples (but not sour ones) being the other two.) Help! How do I convince her the strings are okay and the banana still tastes like the beloved bananas she has always eaten and loved so much?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Show off your Pearly Whites

Playing in the waiting room
Silvie brushing the Big Kangaroo's Chompers
Farrah and the Big Kangaroo...using her new toothbrush...
Jocelyn brushing the Big Kangaroo and her own teeth at the same that is an experienced tooth brusher...

It was the Littlest Beauties first visit to the Dentist yesterday. The Oldest Beauty gave a great pep-talk on the way. Promising that Dr. R was very nice, and that having your teeth looked at will NOT hurt at all! She was very convincing...considering she screamed the entire time on her first visit. The Doc said their teeth looked GREAT! Keep up the brushing...which is one of their most favorite things to do. Jocelyn would hang out in the bathroom all day, everyday brushing hers if we would let her.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back...why?

What is the REAL purpose for daylight savings? Besides of course messing with EVERYONE"S internal clock? I hate it! Pick a time and stick to it. I remember a time before I became a Mommy when it was a little extra hour to sleep in...ahh those were the days. This morning it was up before normal time, which when adjusted was 6:35. It is 6:30 and the littlest beauties have been in bed since before the hour. (They normally go at 7:00.) They were ready far before normal time! Between being up late on Friday and the change in time the Mommy is wiped too! The oldest beauty and I are going to read stories and then lights out...But seriously...what is the purpose?