Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mommies make the world go around. We give love. We give Hugs. We wipe noses. We Kiss boo-boos. We tuck in. We play. We kill bugs. We fold clothing. We walk to the park. We take to dance. We sing, sometimes off key. We smile. We make everything better. We give advise. We listen. We share. We go without. We laugh at jokes we have hear a million times. We sing to Miley. We watch the Disney channel, and Sponge Bob. We snuggle like pros. We clean up puke. We clean up caca. We watch of babies grow. We cry. We get frustrated. We love our husbands. We are friends. We say cover your mouth. We give time-outs. We read bedtime stories. We play dress up. We pick up toys. We cook. We clean. We watch dance recitals. We feel sad when our children our sad. We feel on top of the world when our kids are happy. We worry. We cheer. We teach. We learn. We sing silly songs to make little ones laugh. We give baths. We brush teeth. We administer health care. We rock. We pick up messes. We glow. We are proud. We are strong. We are weak. We are vulnerable. We change diapers. We potty train. We wonder what tomorrow may bring. We remain positive in difficult situations. We go when we are tired. We give kisses. We scare away monsters. We play house. We give underdogs. We clean sand out of little toes. We push strollers. We pull wagons. We say no. We giggle. We hope. We pray. We are humble. We brag. We wish on stars. We support. We Love...unconditionally. We cannot imagine life before becoming a Mommy. We think about all of the wonderful things are children behold. We pray we are teaching our babies to be wonderful people. We pray for their health and happiness. We are Mommies. We make the world go around. we wouldn't have it any other way.
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderfully fabulous Mommies I know.
"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

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Lindsay said...

That was a great post to all moms out there. It actually brought a little wet to my!! Have a great Mother's Day.