Monday, May 25, 2009

The First Game

Chloe had her very first t-ball game Saturday morning. She said on the way there that she was a little nervous. (It was really cute.) She did fantastic! You couldn't even tell she was nervous. She even tried to hit without the tee! So proud. The game was organized chaos. All of the girls on out team are new...first year to play. Which means in a nutshell, they like to play in the dirt, and frequently forget what they should be doing. The first three batters forgot to run to first base after they hit the ball...even with my standing behind first base yelling for them to "Run! Run! Run!" My favorite part though was watching them fielding the balls. So cute to watch their faces as it rolls past them. We played three innings, where we went through the entire batting roster. They started getting the hang of it by the end. I think they will be a lot better next weekend. What matters most is they all had a blast. Oh and the slushies were a great way to cool off afterwards.

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Lindsay said...

I am glad she had a good time. The slushies always help after the game. Sometimes I think that's what McKenna looks more forward to.