Friday, May 29, 2009


Well...we did it.
Chloe and the Beauties are the proud "owners" of a new puppy.
We brought him home on Wednesday night. Chloe was very surprised. She had fallen asleep just before Matt and I arrived home. Of course we woke her up. She was all smiles and still is. She is so excited to have her very own puppy. She is doing so well with her. She loves taking him out to potty. She also is getting very good at telling him to sit and telling him not to chew on things. The littlest Beauties are a mix of emotions. Jocelyn loves him. She calls him, "My Dukey. My puppy." Farrah and Silvie are still yet to decide what they think. Today was much better than Thursday. They like saying his name and following him. However, they do not like it when he approaches them. Hopefully they will come around. Matt is in love. He has missed having a dog in the house so much, I know it makes him happy. As for Sugar Mommy...well, I like him. I just hope I didn't "bite off" more than I can chew. After all I keep very busy with my Beauties. But, it is worth it to see the smiles on the Beauties faces...and Matty's too.
Welcome home Duke!

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Lindsay said...

Congrats on your new puppy. I wasn't so thrilled about getting our puppy last August..and there are still many challenges, but it has gotten enormously easier to take care of him. I am glad it makes the girls happy. Good luck!!