Saturday, May 9, 2009

Toadie my love

Chloe is showing more and more that she may in fact be the "Tom-Boy" of the Little Beauties. Matty and I go around and around about this issue. I have said since the day she was born that she would be a girlie girl all the way...but it looks like Daddy may be right. Chloe found little toadie in the backyard yesterday. She not only found him...she caught him all on her own. She chased him, and caught him in a sand bucket. Oh how she fell in love with this little hopping creature. She gave it a rock, and some grass, and called it his new home. I will also add, the triplets, scared to death of dear toadie. Chloe played with him for quite some time. Letting him hop around and then re-catching him. She even called him her new best buddy. So sweet. After she introduced him to Grammy Pam, Mommy tried to explain that we would need to let him go back free in the yard. I tried to explain...lightly...that he could not be an indoor pet. That he would be so much happier outside, hopping and eating buglys. Chloe was devastated by this. She wanted so much to keep him, indoors. After much coaxing, she released him, and cried for toadie for an hour after. Saying "I'll never ever ever see him again." Poor sweetie. She really loved that toadie. Hopefully we will run across his path again.

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Meleah said...

Tonight Hattie found and caught a frog too! She was fearless. She kept trying to hand it to me and I was backing away from her! I thought of Chloe, especially when Daddy said it was time to let the poor frog go and Hattie got so sad.
What would we do if we had boys??!!