Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Dandelion Pickers

One of the Beauties' favorite things about being outside..picking flowers...especially...Dandelions. They LOVE them. They walk the yard, over and over again and collect handheld bouquets of them. It is truly one of the sweetest things to watch. We also have started making "bracelets" out of them. Silvie thinks these are wonderful. It is hard to believe that they are considered "weeds" We just don't have the heart to spray them and call them weeds when they bring the Beauties so much joy. Today they discovered the lilac bush. They are much like Mommy and seem to adore the sweet smell. we picked a bunch and brought them inside...although it was very difficult convincing them to put them in the water. They just wanted to carry them all around sniff them. Happy Spring.

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