Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Not sure if it was ever written...but for those of you that may not know, Duke the puppy went back the the breeder. He was too much for Sugar Mommy. The week he was with us was...well...horrible. He was a sweet pup and we know he will find another family to love him. It just couldn't be this family. The triplets continued to be terrified of him. Which was not going to work. The breeders took him back and completely understood.
With that said...we now have a new kitty. Chloe was heartbroken. MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT. So we adopted a kitten. She is eight weeks old and a true fit to our family. Chloe loves her and so do the triplets. No one is afraid no one cries all day. Nothing more for Mommy to find time to do. Scooby is adjusting to her too although that is taking a little longer. He will come around.

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