Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello from the Beauties

Sugar Mommy's been a bad bad blogger lately. Oops. Sorry. What can I say? The Beauties and Stink and I all have terrible colds. We went to play at the climbing tunnels on Thursday last is safe to say...we all picked up a virus.
Other than that we are all doing well. The littlest Beauties are talking, and talking, and talking. Chloe is getting pumped for her very first Roller Derby bout this Saturday. She is so excited to watch her Mommy kick tails. Heehee. She even got some red and black fake hair to wear. She's got spirit!
I will post some recent pictures of the girls soon!
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.

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Kelly said...

Sorry about the illness! NO FUN!! Hope you are all back to 100% !! Have a great week!