Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Have you ever taken your children to a gynecology appointment? It's kinda funny.
I was lucky enough to have my annual appointment today. When I scheduled it I made sure it was Matt's day off, however, he is in Des Moines this week. So the Beauties were "able" to go with me. Ah, great fun. The appointment was long. We waited in the room for close to an hour. They did very well considering. I learned they really like to play with tongue depressors. Yes, the drawer had to be restocked when we left. After filling out all the paper work, I began to undress. "Nakey" as the trips call it. Chloe looking puzzled asks, "Mommy, why are you getting naked?" I smiled and told her that's what you have to do when you get to be a Mommy. She was fine with that answer. My doc was very excited to see the girls. She was amazed how much they had changed since last year. As she went on with the tasks at hand Chloe continued to stay very interested in what she was doing. She didn't say much, but was at full attention the entire time. As the feet went to the stirrups, I motioned and verbally instructed her to sit in the chairs, to which she replied, "No, I want to see." Hmmm, what do you say to that. Please honey? With not much I could do about her position, she all! She looked at my with eyes I cannot explain, and then went back to watching the doctor. "Do only Mommies have to do THAT?" I assured her yes it was in fact a "Mommy thing." She sighed and then started telling my doc that she was a great doctor, oh and also added that she was very nice too.
It was an experience. Next time I think I will reschedule if Matt is in fact not going to be at home with the Beauties during the appointment.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like you handled it pretty well. I am glad I haven't had to go down that road yet. I am sure the day will come soon though. At least it's over.

Kelly said...

I took Monkey to mine this last time. She was sitting in her stroller. As he laid me down to do the exam, she started to scream bloody murder. I sat up and she was fine. She started laughing and talking to the dr. Then he laid me down to do the rest of the exam and she started screaming again. "DON"T HURT MY MOMMY!"

MaryBeth said...

I can't even imagine!!!