Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Toadies" in the pool

With the grass freshly mowed this morning...yes it was still wet...we decided to brave the heat by filling up the baby pool. Within two minutes it was full of grass matter...the Little Beauties didn't mind the grass much. They splashed and played and most of all giggled. We dumped the water and refilled it with clean water maybe we will head back out after our nappy.
Chloe, my Tomboy, found two toads jumping in the grass. She caught the big fat one and he even took a dip in the pool. The baby one was a bit too fast for her and for Mommy. The littlest Beauties do not share her love of toads. In fact the words they use to describe them "no toadie, no icky." Maybe one of them will be a girlie girl...maybe three? Can I be so lucky?

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