Monday, June 29, 2009


Ah...vacation. Sun, sandy beaches, yummy food and most of all fun!
Nope...not me...darn it.
My Chloe girl left this evening. She is southbound to Florida with Grammy Pam, Papa Steve, Uncle Chad and Mollimarie. They will be gone a week in sunny Daytona.
She was very excited to go. However, she is very afraid of jelly-fish and crabs. She has been talking about how afraid she is for the last week. We can thank Sponge Bob Square Pants for that. I told her that the crabs and jelly-fish will be more afraid of her and not to worry. She is still worried.
Her send off went okay. She cried a bit before Grammy picked her up, saying she was excited to go but wished that all of us could go. Mommy, Daddy, her and her sisters. I told her we wished that too. Made me sad. But I know she will have a great time.
I miss her already. It's so quiet here and she has only been gone four hours.
Have fun sweetie! Make sure you wear your hat and sunscreen.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More dipping in the pool

The Littlest Beauties took a 3 hour and 15 minute nap today! Can I get a "hells yeah!" They woke up in splendid moods, so of course I treated them to some more time outside in the pool. They were eager and just as giggly as this morning. They even did a little skinny dipping! Skinny dipping is what happens after you make a "ca ca" outside and Mommy is too lazy to get more diapers. (Had the wipes out there but no diapers...oh well.) They loved being in the buff in the water! Our neighbors thought it was pretty cute too.

Silly Sisters

Just some fun pictures of the Little Beauties hamming it up for the camera!

Floor Wrestlers

This has become one of the new favorites games...floor wrestling.


Not sure if it was ever written...but for those of you that may not know, Duke the puppy went back the the breeder. He was too much for Sugar Mommy. The week he was with us was...well...horrible. He was a sweet pup and we know he will find another family to love him. It just couldn't be this family. The triplets continued to be terrified of him. Which was not going to work. The breeders took him back and completely understood.
With that said...we now have a new kitty. Chloe was heartbroken. MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT. So we adopted a kitten. She is eight weeks old and a true fit to our family. Chloe loves her and so do the triplets. No one is afraid no one cries all day. Nothing more for Mommy to find time to do. Scooby is adjusting to her too although that is taking a little longer. He will come around.

Daddy's Father's Day Treasures

Chloe hand made Daddy a very special Father's Day treasure this year. It is a statue made from seashells. The statue is Daddy with his four Little Beauties fishing together. It is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. It meant a lot to Daddy. He will cherish it forever. (Thanks Grammy Pam for helping Chloe make it.) The Littlest Beauties also hand made Daddy's gift. A banner with their "artwork" complete with hands/feet outlines.
One lucky Daddy to have such artistic Beauties!

"Toadies" in the pool

With the grass freshly mowed this morning...yes it was still wet...we decided to brave the heat by filling up the baby pool. Within two minutes it was full of grass matter...the Little Beauties didn't mind the grass much. They splashed and played and most of all giggled. We dumped the water and refilled it with clean water maybe we will head back out after our nappy.
Chloe, my Tomboy, found two toads jumping in the grass. She caught the big fat one and he even took a dip in the pool. The baby one was a bit too fast for her and for Mommy. The littlest Beauties do not share her love of toads. In fact the words they use to describe them "no toadie, no icky." Maybe one of them will be a girlie girl...maybe three? Can I be so lucky?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Daddy's Day was a hot one here! Really hot. Since Daddy has had his boat several months now...we decided what better day to load up the Beauties and take the boat to the lake. Chloe and Jocelyn jumped right in, no fear of course. Farrah and Silvie were a bit more reluctant. They had to be handed off to Daddy already in the boat, and were none too happy about it in the first few minutes. They warmed up rather soon as we started moving. They all four took turns "helping" Daddy steer. They loved watching for ducks, geese and jumping fish. They even did a little sunbathing, in their life vests of course. I think for future trips, we need to figure out how we can safely get in and out of the water from the boat so we can take a swim in the water. Besides being so hot, they wanted to jump in and swim. They all four wanted in! They were leaning over the sides...making Mommy and Daddy a bit nervous. Just not sure how to get back in a fishing boat from the water? Any suggestions?
It was a great day! After a couple hours, we headed to my brother's home for a BBQ with them and my parents. It was a great Father's Day.
Daddy said it was his favorite way to spend any day...with his Beauties!

Friday, June 19, 2009


To begin...all is fine.
Had to call Poison Control this morning.
The Littlest Beauties climbed to get to the can of Vicks Vapor rub.
Before I found them in their quiet joyful spreading...they had covered themselves head to toe in the smelly, slimy substance. They were proud and happy as clams. Showing me every inch of themselves.
Grammy Pam recommended a call to Poison Control just to be on the safe side, as it is considered a poison. They are so nice. He said that unless they ingested a fair amount...there should be no worry. I explained I thought the majority just got rubbed in, however there was evidence on their pacifiers. He said just to keep an eye on them and he would check back with me in an hour.
Seriously, what one doesn't think of the others do. I never had to call poison control with Chloe. This is the second time with the triplets.
On the bright least their nasal passages are clear.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We had our first summer accident on Monday night. We were at Chloe's t-ball game cheering her on, I swear I looked away for a millisecond...and Farrah fell off the bleachers. She bit almost completely through her little tongue. My poor little sweetie! She is doing better today. She wouldn't eat much yesterday and kept sticking out and showing me while saying "ouchy Momma." I felt so bad. The nurse said that there was not much they would be able to do for her tongue, just give her ibuprofen and soft foods. Also added that infections in the mouth rarely occur.
Did I mention...It looks really gross.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello from the Beauties

Sugar Mommy's been a bad bad blogger lately. Oops. Sorry. What can I say? The Beauties and Stink and I all have terrible colds. We went to play at the climbing tunnels on Thursday last is safe to say...we all picked up a virus.
Other than that we are all doing well. The littlest Beauties are talking, and talking, and talking. Chloe is getting pumped for her very first Roller Derby bout this Saturday. She is so excited to watch her Mommy kick tails. Heehee. She even got some red and black fake hair to wear. She's got spirit!
I will post some recent pictures of the girls soon!
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Have you ever taken your children to a gynecology appointment? It's kinda funny.
I was lucky enough to have my annual appointment today. When I scheduled it I made sure it was Matt's day off, however, he is in Des Moines this week. So the Beauties were "able" to go with me. Ah, great fun. The appointment was long. We waited in the room for close to an hour. They did very well considering. I learned they really like to play with tongue depressors. Yes, the drawer had to be restocked when we left. After filling out all the paper work, I began to undress. "Nakey" as the trips call it. Chloe looking puzzled asks, "Mommy, why are you getting naked?" I smiled and told her that's what you have to do when you get to be a Mommy. She was fine with that answer. My doc was very excited to see the girls. She was amazed how much they had changed since last year. As she went on with the tasks at hand Chloe continued to stay very interested in what she was doing. She didn't say much, but was at full attention the entire time. As the feet went to the stirrups, I motioned and verbally instructed her to sit in the chairs, to which she replied, "No, I want to see." Hmmm, what do you say to that. Please honey? With not much I could do about her position, she all! She looked at my with eyes I cannot explain, and then went back to watching the doctor. "Do only Mommies have to do THAT?" I assured her yes it was in fact a "Mommy thing." She sighed and then started telling my doc that she was a great doctor, oh and also added that she was very nice too.
It was an experience. Next time I think I will reschedule if Matt is in fact not going to be at home with the Beauties during the appointment.