Monday, June 23, 2008

Must be Monday

It must be they say,not a thing seems to be going my way. Everyone woke on the "cranky-side" of the bed this morning. I even videotaped Chloe to show her how ridiculous she looked when she threw herself on the floor screaming after not getting her way. I did this after time-outs, counting, charts with stickers, bribery, crying know all the usual tricks when she is engaging in one of her "temper tantrums". Unfortunately to me, these "tantrums" occur EVERY time she is told NO. I know, I know she is four. I remind myself why I do not keep alcohol in the house! Because I make be into my second bottle (of wine not beer) before lunchtime. The babies have just been put down for their afternoon nap about 2 hours early...this because they rallied together and decided not to take the morning one. They decided to chat and jump up and down in their cribs. (Which sounds more like a cage full of crazed monkeys rather than my 3 toddlers.) They are so loud, you might even think they were going to bounce right out. Things for this afternoon may not be looking much brighter, as they are rallying again as I type. Becoming louder and louder.
Maybe we will go for a stroller walk this the liquor store...

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