Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slumber Party

Chloe and her BFF Olivia are having a slumber party tonight. That is right. There are 5 little girls at our house tonight! Just missing Laila! Next time sweetie! They ran around acting like crazed animals. Ate their favorite dinner... mac-n-cheese. Played with Belle Cinderella...a lot. Feed her apples and carrots and cheetos? Olivia even tried some of her food...sorry Molly and Clinton...They took a "swim" (hence the swimsuits) in the tub. They wanted bubbles in and the jets on, so there were lots and lots of bubbles! Did I mention there were lots of bubbles? After that we made "indoor s'mores" they were yummy. I think the girls could have cared less about the graham crackers and marshmallows. They just wanted the chocolate bars! It's after 10:00 p.m. and they are still awake. Oh well, that is what slumber parties are all about, right?
They ended the night with a flick. Barbie Mariposa. It is one about a Barbie, a mystical butterfly fairy named yep, Mariposa and her cohorts who save the day from the evil skeezites and a bad fairy trying to take over the land. It is actually a very cute movie! Matt even liked it! For all you Daddies out there interested in getting caught up on your Barbie adventures.
As you can tell from the photos they had an evening filled with fun!
They're finally asleep after 11:00 p.m. staying up later then Matty, and also myself. I fell asleep in bed with them. Oops. Of course had to get in the blogging "after midnight"(thanks Clapton). Goodnight.

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Kelli Hulsebus said...

Kimberly- I about start to cry when I look at how big the girls are now. Time sure does fly! I remember picking up 4lb babies in each hand, and now they are 1. I miss you guys so much, but it looks like the family is having so much fun:)
Chloe monster looks so cute in her dance outfit, and I bet it was so neat watching her little feet dance across the stage. The little girls are so big and Farrah and Silvie's hair is so long.
I hope that you guys are having the time of your lifes and I wish I could be there to enjoy these times. Tell everyone I said hi... and I can't wait to see more pictues.
Love- Kelli