Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cruzing with Nana

We spent Friday morning with Nana Reta. The girls had such a great time introducing the house to their "tripletness" and yes, Chloe helped too! We played, explored and had lunch with Nana. One of the girls favs...tuna and noodles and tomatos. You should have seen the floor when they were finished. They aren't used to "eating out" and especially not eating out where they are free to roam around unconfined to their triplet table. It was interesting and a ton of fun. The girls' favorite part of the day was Nana giving them rides in the rolling chair! Let's just say that Nana got some extra steps in with us there. Chloe's favorite part was Nana's coo-coo-clock. Everytime it chirped she was watching it with amazement.

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