Friday, September 26, 2008

Triplet Toddlers and Markers

I try to be a "crafty Mommy." Sometimes it is difficult though, because I am a bit of a neat freak. Ahem...I decided to give craft time a try this week. We have attempted crayons with the Littlest Beauties before...yeah...they eat them. I mean, really, honestly eat them. Chomp, chew, swallow, yummy...yuck! In my conquest, I taped white paper to the dining table, changed their clothes, strapped them into their seats and started with crayons. Had to give it another shot right? Wrong...ate them again. So we switched to markers...yes, they were the washable kind, I'm not that crazy. What a fantastic hour they had. Designing beautiful, unique and PRICELESS art. They also enjoyed...writing on themselves, hands, faces, arms, ears. Eating the marker tips (old habits die hard), writing on each other and of course ripping the paper off the table and using the table as their canvas...Ahh, my Angels...

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