Friday, September 26, 2008

Fight Fight Fight for IOWA

It's Homecoming weekend in Hawkeye-town. You know how much the Little Beauties love parades. It has become an annual tradition to meet up with our BFFs and hit downtown to watch the parade, catch goodies and cheer on the Hawkeyes! We took a photo opportunity before leaving home...of course. The girls enjoyed sitting on the step and waving at our neighbor Frank. After the photo session ended, because Mommy was sweating her patootie off, we packed 'em up and headed out to our usual spot (yep...conveniently in front of the Java House.) No surprise...the Little Beauties had a Fantastic time! GO HAWKS! Another note...(Hey WIFE/BFF will you get me one of those shirts the next time you are in the area? Kiss you.)


Mudge said...

Those mini-hawkeyes are beautiful! Glad to see you tonight. love, me

My-Hobbys said...

are all four of the girls yours!!
wow!!! they all have pretty eyes..

very nice blog. keep it up guys