Monday, June 30, 2008

Tub Trolls & Hitchhikers

Who's who? Can you tell?

Tub trolls are pictured above. As you can see this began in our home when Chloe was little. The triplets love to be trolls! Chloe loves to help me do their hair. The stroller photos above are Chloe and Silvie. Same stroller. Chloe loved sitting in it when she was about the age the triplets are. Silvie has been handed down the love for it. She sits in it all of the time. Cute aren't they?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Growing likes Weeds

The girls had their 15 month baby well check yesterday. They are doing fantastic! All three on the growth charts, finally. The stats are: Jocelyn 20 lbs. 30.91 in. (she regains her, I'm the biggest, status) Farrah 18 lbs. 6 oz. 29.9 in. (still the peanut) and Silvie 19 lbs. 5 oz. 30.9 in. (still right in the middle). We also weighed Chloe for good measure, she is just under 32 lbs. 39.5 in. Everyone is growing yea! Remember when they were so tiny? Hard to believe it, so I included some photos of just 15 short months ago.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunny Side Up

High 80's. Sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky. The first time in the pool. Burr... The water was a bit chilly. However, the girls loved it! They would have stayed in, well, forever if we would have stayed in too. Matt was in and then back out almost instantly. So "manly" of him. What's a little cold water? Sorry Stink. I on the other hand didn't really mind the cold water so much. It was more the bugs biting me over and over. After Friday night (beverages around the fire) I had little, if any not bitten skin left so sitting in the water didn't last as long as it could have. Back to the beauties...Jocelyn went in first...head first. She is the dare devil. No fear! She jumped right in! Farrah and Silvie stood by the side a little longer and then were placed into the pool. They loved splashing and of course drinking the water. Umm, Yuck! Chloe loved her new hot pink goggles. Although she still would not get her face anywhere close to the water. It was worth a try I guess. She looks very fashionable in them even if she will not put her face in the water. That's my girl...High Maintenance". We had to drag Chloe out after about an hour. Her fingers and lips were blue (from the water being cold) and her fingers and toes looked like raisins. Maybe we will let the water warm in the sun a few more days and try it all again!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Must be Monday

It must be they say,not a thing seems to be going my way. Everyone woke on the "cranky-side" of the bed this morning. I even videotaped Chloe to show her how ridiculous she looked when she threw herself on the floor screaming after not getting her way. I did this after time-outs, counting, charts with stickers, bribery, crying know all the usual tricks when she is engaging in one of her "temper tantrums". Unfortunately to me, these "tantrums" occur EVERY time she is told NO. I know, I know she is four. I remind myself why I do not keep alcohol in the house! Because I make be into my second bottle (of wine not beer) before lunchtime. The babies have just been put down for their afternoon nap about 2 hours early...this because they rallied together and decided not to take the morning one. They decided to chat and jump up and down in their cribs. (Which sounds more like a cage full of crazed monkeys rather than my 3 toddlers.) They are so loud, you might even think they were going to bounce right out. Things for this afternoon may not be looking much brighter, as they are rallying again as I type. Becoming louder and louder.
Maybe we will go for a stroller walk this the liquor store...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

High Maintenance Mommy

Can those two words be used in the same sentence? High maintenance and Mommy? Can you be a "high maintenance mommy"?
Matt and I have been together EIGHT years to the day yesterday. Well actually yesterday and Monday. It's a two day anniversary (ask Matt). He refers to it as "the day the magic happened". Smart Ass. We were talking on Monday about each other, us, us as individuals, us as parents, you get the picture, and how much we have changed in the past eight years. It seems to have gone by so quickly, yet we aren't sure where the days have gone. I remember the days when we slept until noon (together). I actually showered (before it was time to go to bed again). I used to put make-up on and make an attempt at a hair style, although even then it was usually a ponytail or a clip. Now I have the "mommy do" which I am unable to pull up into a ponytail. So it just looks like crap. It's not often that I am sporting make-up...takes too much time, plus then I have to wash my face again, another time waster. I loved lotion and perfume and having my nails done. Going to the salon. I shaved my legs everyday! Yes every single day! I used to get dressed into actual clothing, not something with an elastic waistband. I loved feeling pretty and made an attempt at it everyday. I am really not lazy. My priorities just changed I guess. I hope that my husband still thinks I am pretty. Not beautiful. Of course I am beautiful! I carried our four precious children inside my body (three of them at the same time) and that alone makes me beautiful no matter what I look like on the outside. I mean pretty, attractive, you know, fine, hot, sexy, whatever the word of the day is. He says he does, I say it's because he has to, he says he doesn't have to. (I beg to differ.) Anyway, I think as women, we think that the make-up and the hair and the clothing are for everyone else. I am starting to feel like maybe they are more for us then we let ourselves think they are. Because I do remembering feeling better about myself, feeling more comfortable in my skin, when I looked better on the outside. I was more outgoing, more fun, more comfortable. I feel like I am missing a part of me these days. Like maybe Matt and I need to take a little time for each other for ourselves. I love our children more than anything. But we have neglected to take time for ourselves since becoming parents. Which is okay until now. We are good parents, we love our children and they come first, always. But the secret to a happy family begins with a healthy happy marriage. I read that somewhere, or maybe it just sounds good. I don't know. But I do know I miss my husband. I truly feel that as a mother I am a better version of the old Kimberly. I am kind and caring, gentle and firm. Understanding. Nurturing. I am a better listener. I go without, so that my kids have (wow sounded like my mom there, she always made sure we had what we needed and wanted before she bought anything for herself). But I do miss certain things about the old Kimberly. I need to spend time with my man (as a woman not as mommy) put on make-up, style my hair...ya know, all the stuff I used to do when Matt referred to me as "high maintenance". I am going to start today by shaving my hairy ass legs and waxing my eyebrows...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Escape from reality...

An escape from reality. No matter what is going on in the world/community, my beauties can always make me smile. With all of the stress and the worry and the uncertainty of the last several days Saturday evening snacks brought a fun "break" and some smiles and laughter.

Here's look at the triplets first encounter with the world's favorite sandwich cookie...O-R-E-O. As you can see, they loved them. Three little cookie monsters. The one of Chloe is the new "trick" if you will that she picked up from her Daddy. My pet peeve. I'll let it slide, since it made me smile.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Water...Water...Water...Swelling Rivers, overflowing into the streets, into the homes, into the parks, into the businesses..Destruction...Unbelievable Devastation...My eyes fill with tears every time I look at a newscast or a picture. I choke on the words. I wish I could do something to help.

Matt and I joined in the sandbagging/wall building in Hills and in Iowa City the last few days. (Wow...If I did that everyday, thank God I don't have to, I would be in fabulous shape). My parents, and my brother and his wife and daughter live in Hills which is about 7 miles south of Iowa City. Hills is the town I grew up in. Even though I don't live there, I guess it will always be close to my heart. When I arrived in town about noon, on Friday I was amazed at the river. The Hills Access, just outside of town, is underwater, which I knew, but it is so much different to see it. I remember the flooding in 1993, It was the summer before my senior year of high school. I remember it was bad, but I do not remember it being this bad! I am sick to think that my families homes are in danger. The home my Daddy built with his own hands. The home I grew up in. The home my parents love living in. In the town that my family has lived since I was five years old. My mom spent the day pack up photos and and things that are not "replaceable". My dad keeps saying it is going to be okay. The sandbags are going to hold the water out. I pray that we did it all for not. We sandbagged all day and well into the evening. They called the day when severe weather moved in again. Things started back up this morning (Friday). They are saying there will be water in the town. They predict water in the basements, so many already have that and they are saying the crest is not even expected until Tuesday. Depends on so many what-ifs...Time will tell.
Matt's sister is in Cedar Rapids. She and her daughter had to leave their home yesterday. The water is about a block from their home. She is up the hill from it. We pray it stays a block away. She works downtown, so if you have seen the news, it's under water right now. Matt's parents are dry. Well their home is dry, not the corn/bean fields.
As I sit here and write I try to put it all together. I cannot. I do not understand. I cannot imagine what it is like to see your home underwater. To see you belongings washed away. I cannot even begin to comprehend how you pick up the pieces and start again. I know that the people in our communities will do it. We will band strong. We will pull together. We will rebuild better, bigger and stronger than before. But I am scared right now. I am. Just scared. Unsure. Helpless. I think we all are. I will place my trust in my Faith...that is all I can do for now. May God keep us safe. Protect us.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just for Fun

As a mother of multiples, I am getting used to, well, for a lack of more creative wording: "Stupid Questions" and "Unbelievable Comments". So Just for fun I have started compiling of list of some of our personal favorites. The ones we hold dear and cherish close to our hearts... Right... Please feel free to add any you can think of (in the comments of this post). I will add them to the list. I am going to frame it and give a copy to the girls when they are older. I know they will grow to appreciate it!

Looks like someone is ready for a nap...
Are they all the same age?
Are they all twins?
Are they all yours?
Were they born at the same time?
Boy you must have your hands full. My response, Yes but my heart is full too!
Glad it's you and not me. my response, Me too.
I'd kill myself.
I thought twins were bad. My response, Do your twins know you feel that way about them?
You must be busy.
Did you "do" fertility?
Did you have "help"?
Were you sad when you found out there were three?
What did you do when they told you?
Did you know there were three in there?
Are you done?
Are you going to try again for a boy?
Two girls and a boy? (When they are ALL dressed EXACTLY THE SAME AND IN ALL PINK!!)
How do you tell them apart?
You almost have an entire team.
Do you have a lot of help?
Did you plan to have three at a time?
Looks like you need a new hobby. (my personal favorite, yes an older man really said this to me)
You're a brave woman. My response, nope, just practiced and tired of being at home!
Can I smell them? I just love the smell of babies?
I feel sorry for you. My response...why, because I didn't get a shower today?
Another one of my favs...when my best friend, who was 9 months prego at the time, was pushing the triple decker full of my kids, Olivia and Chloe tagging behind. Boy, she just some crazy looks!
You are blessed. My response...yes, I am, 4 times. Thank you for seeing that!
They are beautiful. My response...yes, they are, thank you for saying so.

I know there are more that I am forgetting! Please help me out! I will add them!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slumber Party

Chloe and her BFF Olivia are having a slumber party tonight. That is right. There are 5 little girls at our house tonight! Just missing Laila! Next time sweetie! They ran around acting like crazed animals. Ate their favorite dinner... mac-n-cheese. Played with Belle Cinderella...a lot. Feed her apples and carrots and cheetos? Olivia even tried some of her food...sorry Molly and Clinton...They took a "swim" (hence the swimsuits) in the tub. They wanted bubbles in and the jets on, so there were lots and lots of bubbles! Did I mention there were lots of bubbles? After that we made "indoor s'mores" they were yummy. I think the girls could have cared less about the graham crackers and marshmallows. They just wanted the chocolate bars! It's after 10:00 p.m. and they are still awake. Oh well, that is what slumber parties are all about, right?
They ended the night with a flick. Barbie Mariposa. It is one about a Barbie, a mystical butterfly fairy named yep, Mariposa and her cohorts who save the day from the evil skeezites and a bad fairy trying to take over the land. It is actually a very cute movie! Matt even liked it! For all you Daddies out there interested in getting caught up on your Barbie adventures.
As you can tell from the photos they had an evening filled with fun!
They're finally asleep after 11:00 p.m. staying up later then Matty, and also myself. I fell asleep in bed with them. Oops. Of course had to get in the blogging "after midnight"(thanks Clapton). Goodnight.

Happy Honkers!

Happy Thursday! Here are some photos of the girlies having a tea party. Notice no tea cups. They kept "windshield wiping" them off! Oh well, they loved sitting at the table pretending to eat. They also are sporting some "honker" ponytails today. Well Silvie and Farrah anyway, Jocelyn is still trying to grow some more hair! It's coming Joce! Chloe is dressed like a always!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Eat Your Peas" ~Cheryl Karpen~

Have I told you lately how important you are to much better my life is because you are in it? You are kind, compassionate, lovely, courageous, intelligent, fun and a precious and spirited friend, I cherish you. All the stars in the universe danced on the day you were born. Imagine. There is not another you in the whole world. There is not another me. We met and became friends. Imagine That! When I think of you I smile. Sometimes I miss our time alone together, don't you? (Although I love our girls more than life) One of my favorite things about being around you is I get to be myself! Wouldn't be fun to be Queen for the day? You bring the "Coffee" I'll bring the crowns! Don't you dare clean the house before I come over! I love you just the way you are. Unconditionally. I never, ever want to hurt you. Sometimes when we're together and it seems like we've used up all our words, (has that ever happened?) just knowing you're near warms my heart. I love how you always seem to understand me. Everyday take some time to fill your spirit with things you love to do. Your whole-hearted joy depends on it. It's tough being everything to everybody. Why not cut yourself some slack? Do something just for you. Gratitude is a gift you give yourself. So give thanks for all of the wonders that touch your days. fresh water, skinny iced white mochas, clean sheets, baby toes, your daughters giggling, a soft embrace from the man you love, yes...Clinton...loving family and of course...your twinkie. Dream. Dream. Dream. Hold on to your dreams Dear Friend. Anything is possible. Believe in yourself. I do. I believe you are a very important somebody. It doesn't matter if you just won the lottery or if you have to count every penny. It doesn't matter if you have it all together or if you can never find you car keys. It doesn't matter where you work (or don't) or what anyone else you know has accomplished (or not). You are a very important somebody and I am so glad you are my friend. Thank you for all the times you've listened without judgement, for gently lifting my spirit with gifts of perspective...for reminding me that things really do get better. Whether you are near or far, I will always hold our friendship close to my heart. Cherish each day. (Indulge Yourself) Play whenever you can. (Celebrate Yourself) Most of all...Take GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF! Remember to always EAT YOUR PEAS.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Have you ever wondered why children will do everything in their power to stay awake just a little later? So afraid they may miss something. They want to continue playing. Stay in the tub just five more minutes. They need to read just one more story. Have another drink. Go potty again. Be tucked in more tightly. Have the closet checked for monsters (for the 16th time). Be kissed and hugged once more (which I never mind). But then as adults (mothers you ALL know what I mean) you would KILL for a nap and a solid five to seven a night!
I remember when Chloe was born. Being a new MOM! How wonderful! I wouldn't trade her for anything. How easy it was when she wouldn't sleep to snuggle her right into bed in between Matty and I. She loved it there. Oh how she loved it there! Still does in fact...four and half years later. The triplets were a little different, partly because our bed isn't big enough and partly...oh who am I's all due to the fact that our bed wasn't big enough!
Anyway, where was I going with this, oh yeah, as I sit here listening to the triplets babble and talk to each other from their room (yes, they should be awaiting a visit from Mr Sandman), I wonder...How in the H-E-L-L did I make it that long without sleep! Wow! I love that they are sleeping through the night now! Since they are not babbling anymore...I think I may go catch a nap...yep...with Chloe.

Monday, June 2, 2008

2007 NICU Reunion at Kinnick

Time flies we all know that. When you really think about how quickly it flies...well it is kind of mind blowing. The Children's Hospital, The Parent Connection and NICU Staff held the 2007 NICU Graduate Reunion on Sunday. It was held at Kinnick Stadium. They had a carnival style gathering for babies born/graduated from the NICU in 2007 and their families. There were bouncing houses, duck ponds, popcorn, books, coloring, and the triplets most favorite...Snocones! Chloe's favorite were the vanilla cupcakes! Of course! One of the most special parts of the afternoon was seeing some of the nurses that took such great care of the girls. Especially "Nurse Bev". She will always be so close to our hearts! We also took a trip to the Mother/Baby unit at the hospital. We met up with some nurses that took care of Mommy! Mary and Melanie, and Terri and Becky! It was great to see them and to introduce them to the girls! A big change from when they used to chase you around with the doppler to find your heartbeats!

We met up with some "old" friends the Abben Family. Elizabeth, Grace and Amelia are getting big too. We even were able to meet big sister Faith! We also met up with several other families that were there in the NICU at the same time that we were there. They all commented on how much the girls all looked alike and how blue their eyes were. There was a photo gallery of all the graduates' then and now stats. So nice to see such wonderful improvements! The photos brought tears to our eyes. So many so tiny and have changed so much and come so far.

So many miracles. So much to be thankful for. Thank you to all of those who helped to give our LITTLE MIRACLES the strongest beginning to life possible! They are doing so wonderful.